Trial size ACTB antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project

Posted by M.Popov on 12th Nov 2020

Trial size ACTB antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project

Trial size ACTB antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project


What is ACTB?

The ACTB gene serves the function to give instructions for synthesizing a protein called beta (β)-actin, part of the actin protein family. These proteins are of a most significant role for determining the shape of the cell and to control motility. Studies suggest that β-actin may also be involved in the process of relaying chemical signals within cells.

Where is ACTB found?

Proteins in the actin protein family are tidied up into a net of fibers named the actin cytoskeleton, which is responsible for the structural framework inside cells. Six types of actin exist- four of them are only in the muscle cells, where they participate in muscle contraction. The rest of the actin proteins, β-actin and gamma (γ)-actin, are found in cells all around the body.

What role does ACTB play in disease?

Several alterations in this gene have been proven to cause Baraitser-Winter syndrome(BWS), a rare condition mainly affecting the development of the brain, eyes, nose and other parts of the face, leading to intellectual instability and in some cases iris or retinal coloboma . The studied mutations transform single protein building blocks (amino acids) into β-actin. The most frequent mutation replaces the amino acid arginine with the amino acid histidine at Arg196His (also known as R196H position). The diagnosis of BWCFF syndrome is established in a proband with a compatible clinical phenotype and a heterozygous gain-of-function variant in either ACTB or ACTG1

ACTB antibodies in the Antibody Validation project

St John's Laboratory offers a variety of trial size primary antibodies which target ACTB, which are available to try through the Antibody Validation Project. Below we highlight those which have already been reviewed, as well as others which are available to try.

Customer reviewed ACTB antibodies

ModelNameHostClonalityRatingApplication Tested
STJ91464Actin β antibody RabbitPolyclonal5 
STJ91464Anti-beta Actin antibody RabbitPolyclonal4WB
STJ96930Anti-β-actin antibody MouseMonoclonal4ICC
STJ96930Anti-β-actin antibody MouseMonoclonal5WB
STJ96941Anti-beta actin antibody MouseMonoclonal5WB
STJ96941Anti-β-actin antibodyMouseMonoclonal5WB
STJ96941Anti-β-actin antibody MouseMonoclonal5WB
STJ97089Anti-β-actin antibody RabbitPolyclonal5WB

Other ACTB antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project

ModelNameHostClonalityRecommended Applications
STJ140081Anti-beta-Actin antibodyGoatPolyclonalIF,WB
STJ192006Anti-ACTB antibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,ELISA
STJ91464Anti-Beta Actin antibodyRabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,WB
STJ96930Anti-beta-actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalFC,IHC,WB
STJ96934Anti-beta-actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB
STJ96941Anti-beta actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB
STJ97023Anti-beta-actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB
STJ97035Anti-beta-actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB
STJ97713Anti-beta-actin antibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,IHC
STJ97714Anti-beta-actin antibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,IHC
STJ97814Anti-Actin beta antibody (KLH)MouseMonoclonalWB,IF,FC,ELISA
STJ99027Anti-beta-Actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB,ELISA
STJ99028Anti-beta-Actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB,ELISA
STJ99029Anti-beta-Actin antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB,ELISA
ModelNameHostClonalityRecommended Applications
STJ113532Anti-ACTB antibodyRabbitMonoclonalWB,IHC
STJ116402Anti-ACTB antibodyRabbitMonoclonalWB
STJ130015Anti-beta-Actin antibodyRabbitMonoclonalWB,ELISA,IF
STJ130016Anti-beta-Actin antibodyRabbitMonoclonalWB,ELISA
STJ500039Anti-ACTB AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB
STJ500040Anti-ACTB Antibody (Biotin)RabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB
STJ500041Anti-ACTB Antibody (FITC)RabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB
STJ500042Anti-ACTB AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB
STJ500043Anti-ACTB Antibody (Biotin)RabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB
STJ500044Anti-ACTB Antibody (FITC)RabbitPolyclonalELISA,IHC,IP,WB

How does the Antibody Validation Project work?

In order to help our customers with their choice of antibody with low risk, we offer one of the largest ranges of primary antibodies with trial size options available.

The Antibody Validation Project works like this.
1. Order your trial size antibody online.
2. Explore its suitability.
3. Return your results by posting them on the product page.
4. Receive a sample refund.

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