Product FAQ

There is conflicting information on the product page and the databases linked

The product information we provide on our site is carefully prepared and checked against protein and gene databases related to the research target, which are sourced from the likes of uniprot, among other sources. Although we aim to keep this information as up to date as possible, we offer no guarantee that the information provided on our product pages is accurately conveyed against those external sources.

The antibody I’m interested in is not listed for my intended application

We often have more than one antibody for a particular target in our catalogue, to meet the needs of wider range of applications, and attributes. We recommend choose an antibody which is listed with the application you intend to work with. Where an application is not listed, we cannot guarantee the performance of the product and not advise purchasing it. There is an exemption to this in the Antibody Validation Project.

Can I try the antibody in an unlisted application through the Antibody Validation Project?

If an antibody is available through the Antibody Validation Project, you would be welcome to test it in your desired application, regardless of the prescribed applications. This will not affect your refund claim upon returning your results and review.

The product has my desired application listed, but the is no validation data on the product page for my intended application. How can I be sure the antibody will work as expected?

We are regularly updating product information and improving the listings for each of our antibodies, but we do not always have full product validation for certain applications. In this case, we recommend contacting our team directly to see if there is any new data coming available. If the image is still not available, the application listed will be covered by our service guarantee.

What is the antibody's immunogen sequence?

We have decided to protect this information by not publishing it on our website. However, some of these sequences may be made available on request, and we would advise contacting our support team for further information.

When is the shelf-life of the products I have ordered?

Unless otherwise specified, our products have a 1-year shelf-life from the time of dispatch. Please store your products according to the specifications on their product sheet upon receipt. Our service guarantee will cover post-sales support for the product for up until the expiry date, after which we can cannot guarantee product performance.

What is the concentration of my antibody/protein?

Concentrations vary across the our product range. Please refer to the product label or data sheet for these details.

Is it possible to get the antibody with custom formulation?

We are able to remove glycerol, sodium azide or BSA from a selection of our antibodies where a minimum bulk quantity is ordered. Please submit your request to, or alternatively call +44 (0) 208 223 3081 and we will assist your query as best as possible.

Do you offer custom antibody production services?

We do not offer custom antibody design at this time, but we can carry out conjugation of bulk antibody quantities for a wide selection of our products. If you are interested to receive bulk production please email

Which antibody host species will give the best results?

Choose your antibodies according to the combination of primary and secondary antibody you will need. As a general rule, choosing a secondary antibody which targets the same species as that of the primary antibody host would be favourable. Eg. The primary antibody is produced in mice, so the secondary antibody will be anti-mouse.