​​St John's Laboratory is a speciality supplier in research kits, antibodies and reagents for life scientists working in biotech, pharma and academia. Our platform offers an extensive range of research materials for the detection, qualification and quantification of proteins and metabolites.

Our mission

Our mission is to become a leading sustainability conscious supplier within the life sciences - serving the sector faster, more economically and with more a environmental focus.


Since our inception we have advocated and promoted industrial change through the establishment of the Antibody Validation Forum, a key event where industry leaders now exhibit their manufacturing practices and recommendations for validation processes in antibody development.  

Challenges we face

​Under the increasingly challenging environmental conditions faced on our planet, we are growing ever conscious to reduce our impact within the industry as we look towards sustainable practices - both in the sourcing of materials and promoting transparency in our supply chain, and the line of distribution. We are increasingly moving towards digitisation, and promoting these changes to our customers, so they may benefit in having access to the most up to date validation data and scientific resources, at the click of a button.


​We recognise that research is inherently trial and error based, and to enable scientists to reach their objectives faster, we continue to update and validate product information with our expanding data resources, as well as offering trial size antibodies through our Antibody Validation Project - one of the largest ranges of trial size antibody programs on the market - so that we can limit the risk to our customers and to their research.


​We want to hear from our customers so that we can mitigate risks in performance, and collaborate in opportunities which promote sustainability in scientific research.

Our product lines