Trial Size Antibodies

Choose from over 13,000 primary antibodies and 8,000 unique targets
Our growing list of trial size antibodies gives you access to more, with freedom to explore. Train the next generation of scientists, compare alongside your current brand, or simply check it works for the tissue needed for your research.

Trust in peer reviewed validated antibodies
Contribute to a growing community of researchers, and discover new dynamics of antibody use.

Guarantee your research investment
We guarantee a 100% sample refund if products fail to perform as prescribed
Trial primary antibodies like these...
Loading control trial size antibodies
Goat polyclonal trial size antibodies
Whatever your needs, we hope our Antibody Validation Project can provide you with the appropriate trial size antibodies.
To take part simply purchase a trial size antibody, review it and we'll refund the value of the sample.

You can expect to receive the same level of customer service and support through this project.
Note: A flat non-refundable shipping fee is applied for trial size products depending on your area.
Product refunds are provided upon receipt of each full product review.

For more information, we are happy to be contacted by email or phone.