Rabbit monoclonal antibodies

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Benefits of rabbit monoclonal antibodies

The immune system of the rabbit is such that it allows for the production of antibodies with superior affinity and wider recognition compared with monoclonals stemming from mice.



The biggest advantage of rabbit monoclonal antibodies versus their rodent counterpart is that the immune systems demonstrate an ability to recognise epitopes on antigens which are not always immunogenic in mice, making them a valuable resource in the research field.  



After a rabbit is immunised, the spleen cells can be isolated and fused with myeloma partner cells, and the hybridoma cells can be recovered. In comparison to mouse hybridomas, rabbits offer greater stability in this process. During the next step of antibody production, the cell line that secretes the monoclonal antibody can be chosen by using a method known as dilution cloning (or limiting dilution). Once the suitable immortal cell line is selected, monoclonal antibodies can be produced on a large scale by amplification of the cell strain. 



The major issue with polyclonal antibodies is the large variation between batches. This is the reason why monoclonal antibodies are the preferred choice for many researchers who are looking for high consistency and reproducibility in their work. 



We offer a variety of rabbit monoclonal antibodies in key research fields. 

SARS-CoV-2 related antibodies

Anti-SARS-COV-2 Spike-Antibody (STJ11101211) IF, IP
Anti-ACE2-Antibody [ARC1051] (STJ11102116) WB, IHC

Anti-Phospho-EGFR antibodies

Anti-Phospho-EGFR-Y1068 Antibody [ARC0013] (STJ11102550) WB
Anti-Phospho-EGFR-Y1173 Antibody [ARC1536] (STJ11102582) WB

Anti-Aggrecan antibodies

Anti-Aggrecan-Antibody [ARC0678] (STJ11101391) WB, IHC

Anti-Phospho-AKT1 antibodies

Anti-Phospho-AKT1-S129 Antibody [ARC1525] (STJ11102573) WB
Anti-Phospho-AKT1-S473 Antibody [ARC0169] (STJ113518) WB

Anti-MKI67 antibodies

Anti-MKI67 Antibody [SP6] (STJ180155) IHC-p

Ati-METTL3 antibodies

Anti-METTL3-Antibody [ARC0487] (STJ11101616) WB, IF