Alexa Fluor secondary antibodies

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Alexa Fluor secondary antibodies

Fluorescent labelled antibodies are widely used for flow cytometry, cell imaging and frozen sample immunohistochemistry. When used, the dye in the antibody gets excited at a set wavelength and then emits a photon at a different wavelength, that can be detected by a fluorescent microscope, allowing a signal amplification detection of the primary antibody used. 


The Alexa Fluor dyes can be conjugated to a wide variety of secondary antibodies and possess low species cross-reactivity, making this type of antibody suitable for complex multi-colour analysis.



These dyes offer superior photo and pH stability alongside higher brightness when compared to the dyes that they have been synthesised from. 



We offer a wide variety of superb Alexa Fluor conjugated secondary antibodies covering a range of wavelengths.