Protein Tag antibodies

What are tag antibodies

Tags are sequences of peptides that are incorporated into a protein's structure. By using antibody tags, proteins can be detected and purified easily and more efficiently, as tags do not impede with the function of the target proteins and are easily removed using proteases. 

Antibody tags are also used for detection as visualisation tools in various immunoassays, making them a useful research tool, as they can easily distinguish between similar proteins.   

What are tag antibodies used for

Anti-tag antibodies can be both monoconal and polyclonal, and used for detection in WB, IP, ICC, IHC or purification of tag-possessing proteins in affinity chromatography.

As they are often synthesised in E. coli or viral expression systems, these antibodies possess extremely high specificity and non-reactivity when comapred to mammalian-derived antibodies, making them better suited for binding to a protein lacking specific conventional antibodies.