Antibody Validation Project

Posted by S.Davis on 12th Nov 2020

Antibody Validation Project

Antibody Validation Project

Did you know that around 98% of bio-scientists will use antibodies at least once in their career?! So most of the researchers in your lab will have some experience with antibodies.

Take a look around – that guy using the PCR machine who you’ve never spoken to. He’s probably used them. The lady at the cell culture hood. She probably has used them too. And, how many of them had great experiences…?

It’s a question that is all too often answered with damp tone.

In 2014 when we first setup the Antibody Validation Forum, we also set out to enhance customer access to research antibodies. We wanted to provide a service which would allow our customers access to sample size antibodies and would both benefit them and their peers.

So, in 2015 we initiated the Antibody Validation Project, which offers all of our customers access to trial size antibodies, free of charge. Since its launch we have seen increased interest from research scientists who are often describing the same problems, like; the primary antibody doesn’t work for my desired tissue, or the research antibodies cost too much.

Our solution was to make accessible more than 13,000 primary antibodies (and growing).

To further enhance that experience we quickly learned that your research needs to extend far beyond a simple single antibody test. We listened to you….and we responded. With a few tweaks and adaptations, we established a more robust system, so in 2016 we expanded the sample allowance to 5 trial size antibodies.

But we didn’t want to stop there.

We can now introduce our most up to date version of the Antibody Validation Project. You can now order Antibody Validation Project samples directly from our website. Yes….away with the forms and questionnaires.

Simply register, request, review & receive rewards.

Once you’ve completed your assessment of the antibodies you can upload directly to the website too and we will update the credit on your account accordingly. Our moto is to Limit your risk, not your research.

All participants of this project are guaranteed a 100% sample refund if products fail to perform as prescribed. So what are you waiting for. Your samples are ready and waiting.

Welcome to the Antibody Validation Project.