Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The antibody is not listed for my intended application

Please choose an antibody which is listed with the application you intend to work with. Where the application is not listed, we cannot guarantee the performance of the antibody. 

However, if the antibody is available under our Antibody Validation Project, you would be welcome to test the antibody in your requested application.

Our technical support will be able to help advise on this, so feel free to drop them a message at


There is no data available for my intended application

We are regularly updating product information and improving the listings for each of our antibodies, but do not always have full product validation for certain applications. 

Where images are not available, the application listed is written as a prediction, which is covered by our Service Guarantee


Where is my antibody? 

Product lead times are one week from order date. We normally dispatch for arrival between Mon-Fri, but if you would like to receive on the weekend please make a note at the time of ordering and we will make the appropriate arrangements.

Please contact for details on shipment status and we'll work to get your shipment on track.


What is the antibody's immunogen sequence?

A lot of time and money has been put into selecting immunogen sequences. We have decided to protect this information by not publishing it on our website. However, some of these sequences may be made available on request.


What is the antibody shelf-life? 

Unless otherwise specified, St John's Laboratory antibodies have a 1-year shelf life from the time of dispatched. Please store each antibody according to the specifications on the product sheet upon receipt. 


What is the antibody concentration?

Concentrations vary across the St John's Laboratory product range. Please refer to the product sheet for details.


Is it possible to get the antibody with custom formulation? 

We are able to remove glycerol, sodium azide or BSA from a selection of our antibodies with a minimum 1mg bulk purchase. Please submit your request to, or alternatively call +44 (0) 208 223 3081 and we will assist your query as best as possible. 


Do you offer custom antibody production services?

Not for custom antibody design, however, we can carry out conjugation of bulk antibody quantities for a selection of our products. If you are interested to receive bulk production please email


Which antibody host species will show the best results?

Choose your antibodies according to the combination of primary and secondary antibody you will need. As a general rule, choosing a secondary antibody which targets the same species as that of the primary antibody host would be favourable. Eg. The primary antibody is produced in mice, so the secondary antibody will be anti-mouse. 


Which payment methods are accepted?

Purchase Order Number (PO#): If you have a purchase order, simply proceed to the checkout and apply the details when placing the order. Please note, PO payments are 30 days net.

PayPal: If paying by PayPal, the delivery address should be the registered PayPal account address. If you need further information, please contact

Stripe: We can now take credit card payments through the website using Stripe. 


Is tax charged on my order?

Our prices are exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) and VAT only applies to customers in the United Kingdom (UK). When placing an order through our online store VAT can be added during the checkout process if you are a UK business and normally pay VAT.

For UK customers, most academic institutions in the UK are qualified for zero rate VAT (commonly referred to as VAT exemption). If this applies to you, please provide us your VAT exemption certificate. We will add 20% VAT to your invoice if no certificate is received or if your institution does not have VAT exemption.

No tax is added to your purchase if you are a customer from outside of the EU. However, the customs office in your country may impose tax and duties on your order. Please provide us with your tax number at checkout as it will help to facilitate the customs clearance process.

If you are an EU customer outside of the UK, and if you provide us with your VAT/MwSt number (e.g. DE 111222333) please include the country code prefix for the VAT/MwSt number. You can obtain this number from the purchasing department of your institution. If you do not provide a valid VAT/MwSt number, we may need to charge you VAT/MwSt.