• Western blot analysis of lysates from rat liver cells, using ADAM 17 (Cleaved-Arg215) Antibody. The lane on the right is blocked with the synthesized peptide.

Anti-Cleaved-ADAM17-R215 antibody (215-245 Internal) (STJ90075)


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Host: Rabbit
Applications: WB, ELISA
Reactivity: Human, Rat, Mouse
Short Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody anti-Cleaved-Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase Domain-Containing Protein 17-R215 (170-250 Internal) is suitable for use in Western Blot and ELISA research applications.
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Isotype: IgG
Formulation: PBS, 50% Glycerol, 0.5% BSA and 0.02% Sodium Azide.
Purification: The antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit anti-serum by affinity-chromatography.
Concentration: 1 mg/mL
Dilution Range: WB 1:500-1:2000
ELISA 1:20000
Storage Instruction: Store at-20°C for up to 1 year from the date of receipt, and avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
Gene Symbol: ADAM17
Gene ID: 6868
Uniprot ID: ADA17_HUMAN
Immunogen Region: 215-245 Internal
Specificity: Cleaved-ADAM17-R215 polyclonal antibody (Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase Domain-Containing Protein 17) binds to endogenous Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase Domain-Containing Protein 17 at the amino acid region 170-250 Internal.
Immunogen: The antiserum was produced against synthesized peptide derived from human ADAM 17 at amino acid range 215-245.
Post Translational Modifications The precursor is cleaved by a furin endopeptidase. Phosphorylated. Stimulation by growth factor or phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate induces phosphorylation of Ser-819 but decreases phosphorylation of Ser-791. Phosphorylation at THR-735 by MAPK14 is required for ADAM17-mediated ectodomain shedding.
Function Cleaves the membrane-bound precursor of TNF-alpha to its mature soluble form. Responsible for the proteolytical release of soluble JAM3 from endothelial cells surface. Responsible for the proteolytic release of several other cell-surface proteins, including p75 TNF-receptor, interleukin 1 receptor type II, p55 TNF-receptor, transforming growth factor-alpha, L-selectin, growth hormone receptor, MUC1 and the amyloid precursor protein. Acts as an activator of Notch pathway by mediating cleavage of Notch, generating the membrane-associated intermediate fragment called Notch extracellular truncation (NEXT). Plays a role in the proteolytic processing of ACE2. Plays a role in hemostasis through shedding of GP1BA, the platelet glycoprotein Ib alpha chain. Mediates the proteolytic cleavage of LAG3, leading to release the secreted form of LAG3. Mediates the proteolytic cleavage of IL6R, leading to the release of secreted form of IL6R.
Protein Name Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase Domain-Containing Protein 17
Adam 17
Snake Venom-Like Protease
Tnf-Alpha Convertase
Tnf-Alpha-Converting Enzyme
Cd Antigen Cd156b
Database Links Reactome: R-HSA-1251985
Reactome: R-HSA-1442490
Reactome: R-HSA-177929
Reactome: R-HSA-193692
Reactome: R-HSA-2122948
Reactome: R-HSA-2644606
Reactome: R-HSA-2660826
Reactome: R-HSA-2691232
Reactome: R-HSA-2894862
Reactome: R-HSA-5362798
Reactome: R-HSA-75893
Reactome: R-HSA-9662834
Reactome: R-HSA-982772
Cellular Localisation Membrane
Single-Pass Type I Membrane Protein
Alternative Antibody Names Anti-Disintegrin And Metalloproteinase Domain-Containing Protein 17 antibody
Anti-Adam 17 antibody
Anti-Snake Venom-Like Protease antibody
Anti-Tnf-Alpha Convertase antibody
Anti-Tnf-Alpha-Converting Enzyme antibody
Anti-Cd Antigen Cd156b antibody
Anti-ADAM17 antibody
Anti-CSVP antibody
Anti-TACE antibody

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