• Absorbance analysis at 450nm using Human CXCL8 ELISA Kit.

Human CXCL8 Sandwich ELISA Kit (STJ150098)

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Applications: ELISA
Reactivity: Human
Sensitivity: 2000pg/mL
Detection Limit: 31.25--2000pg/mL
Storage Instruction: Store at 4°C for 6 months.
Uniprot ID: IL8_HUMAN
Gene ID: 3576
Gene Symbol: CXCL8
Sample Type: Serum, Plasma, Biological Fluids
Post Translational Modifications Several N-terminal processed forms are produced by proteolytic cleavage after secretion from at least peripheral blood monocytes, leukcocytes and endothelial cells. In general, IL-8(1-77) is referred to as interleukin-8. IL-8(6-77) is the most promiment form. Citrullination at Arg-27 prevents proteolysis, and dampens tissue inflammation, it also enhances leukocytosis, possibly through impaired chemokine clearance from the blood circulation.
Function IL-8 is a chemotactic factor that attracts neutrophils, basophils, and T-cells, but not monocytes. It is also involved in neutrophil activation. It is released from several cell types in response to an inflammatory stimulus. IL-8(6-77) has a 5-10-fold higher activity on neutrophil activation, IL-8(5-77) has increased activity on neutrophil activation and IL-8(7-77) has a higher affinity to receptors CXCR1 and CXCR2 as compared to IL-8(1-77), respectively.
Database Links Reactome: R-HSA-2559582
Cellular Localisation Secreted
Protein Name Interleukin-8
C-X-C Motif Chemokine 8
C-X-C Motif Ligand 8
Granulocyte Chemotactic Protein 1
Monocyte-Derived Neutrophil Chemotactic Factor
Monocyte-Derived Neutrophil-Activating Peptide
Neutrophil-Activating Protein 1
Protein 3-10c
T-Cell Chemotactic Factor Cleaved Into - Mdncf-A
Gcp/Il-8 Protein Iv
Il8/Nap1 Form I - Interleukin-8
Gcp/Il-8 Protein Ii
Il8/Nap1 Form Ii
Mdncf-B - Il-8(5-77 - Il-8(6-77
Gcp/Il-8 Protein I
Il8/Nap1 Form Iii
Lymphocyte-Derived Neutrophil-Activating Factor
Neutrophil-Activating Factor
Naf - Il-8(7-77
Gcp/Il-8 Protein V
Il8/Nap1 Form Iv - Il-8(8-77
Gcp/Il-8 Protein Vi
Il8/Nap1 Form V - Il-8(9-77
Gcp/Il-8 Protein Iii
Il8/Nap1 Form Vi
Alternative Names Anti-Interleukin-8 antibody
Anti-Il-8 antibody
Anti-C-X-C Motif Chemokine 8 antibody
Anti-Chemokine antibody
Anti-C-X-C Motif Ligand 8 antibody
Anti-Emoctakin antibody
Anti-Granulocyte Chemotactic Protein 1 antibody
Anti-Gcp-1 antibody
Anti-Monocyte-Derived Neutrophil Chemotactic Factor antibody
Anti-Mdncf antibody
Anti-Monocyte-Derived Neutrophil-Activating Peptide antibody
Anti-Monap antibody
Anti-Neutrophil-Activating Protein 1 antibody
Anti-Nap-1 antibody
Anti-Protein 3-10c antibody
Anti-T-Cell Chemotactic Factor Cleaved Into - Mdncf-A antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein Iv antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form I - Interleukin-8 antibody
Anti-(Ala-Il-877 antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein Ii antibody
Anti-Il-8(1-77 antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form Ii antibody
Anti-Mdncf-B - Il-8(5-77 - Il-8(6-77 antibody
Anti-(Ser-Il-872 antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein I antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form Iii antibody
Anti-Lymphocyte-Derived Neutrophil-Activating Factor antibody
Anti-Lynap antibody
Anti-Mdncf-C antibody
Anti-Neutrophil-Activating Factor antibody
Anti-Naf - Il-8(7-77 antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein V antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form Iv - Il-8(8-77 antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein Vi antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form V - Il-8(9-77 antibody
Anti-Gcp/Il-8 Protein Iii antibody
Anti-Il8/Nap1 Form Vi antibody
Anti-CXCL8 antibody
Anti-IL8 antibody

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