Human ALB (Albumin) ELISA Kit (STJE0004117)

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Applications: ELISA
Reactivity: Human
Short Description: This ALB Sandwich ELISA Kit is an in-vitro enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the measurement of samples in cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma (EDTA, citrate, heparin).
Sensitivity: 0.47ng/mL
Detection Limit: 0.78~50ng/mL
Detection: Colorimetric
Gene ID: 213
Sample Type: Serum, Plasma, Cell supernatant
Background This ELISA kit uses the Sandwich-ELISA principle. The micro ELISA plate provided in this kit has been pre-coated with an antibody specific to Human ALB. Standards or samples are added to the micro ELISA plate wells and combined with the specific antibody. Then a biotinylated detection antibody specific for Human ALB and Avidin-Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) conjugate are added successively to each micro plate well and incubated. Free components are washed away. The substrate solution is added to each well. Only those wells that contain Human ALB, biotinylated detection antibody and Avidin-HRP conjugate will appear blue in color. The enzyme-substrate reaction is terminated by the addition of stop solution and the color turns yellow. The optical density (OD) is measured spectrophotometrically at a wavelength of 450 nm ± 2 nm. The OD value is proportional to the concentration of Human ALB. You can calculate the concentration of Human ALB in the samples by comparing the OD of the samples to the standard curve.
Tissue Specificity Plasma.
Post Translational Modifications Kenitra variant is partially O-glycosylated at Thr-620. It has two new disulfide bonds Cys-600 to Cys-602 and Cys-601 to Cys-606. Glycated in diabetic patients. Phosphorylated by FAM20C in the extracellular medium. Acetylated on Lys-223 by acetylsalicylic acid.
Function Binds water, Ca(2+), Na(+), K(+), fatty acids, hormones, bilirubin and drugs (Probable). Its main function is the regulation of the colloidal osmotic pressure of blood (Probable). Major zinc transporter in plasma, typically binds about 80% of all plasma zinc. Major calcium and magnesium transporter in plasma, binds approximately 45% of circulating calcium and magnesium in plasma. Potentially has more than two calcium-binding sites and might additionally bind calcium in a non-specific manner. The shared binding site between zinc and calcium at residue Asp-273 suggests a crosstalk between zinc and calcium transport in the blood. The rank order of affinity is zinc > calcium > magnesium. Binds to the bacterial siderophore enterobactin and inhibits enterobactin-mediated iron uptake of E.coli from ferric transferrin, and may thereby limit the utilization of iron and growth of enteric bacteria such as E.coli. Does not prevent iron uptake by the bacterial siderophore aerobactin.
Database Links Reactome: R-HSA-114608
Cellular Localisation Secreted
Protein Name Albumin
Alternative Names Anti-Albumin antibody
Anti-ALB antibody
Anti-GIG20 antibody
Anti-GIG42 antibody
Anti-PRO0903 antibody
Anti-PRO1708 antibody
Anti-PRO2044 antibody
Anti-PRO2619 antibody
Anti-PRO2675 antibody
Anti-UNQ696 antibody
Anti-PRO1341 antibody

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