• Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded mouse spleen using SPN antibody (STJ28495) at dilution of 1:100 (40x lens).
  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded human tonsil using SPN antibody (STJ28495) at dilution of 1:100 (40x lens).
  • Immunohistochemistry of paraffin-embedded mouse lung using SPN antibody (STJ28495) at dilution of 1:100 (40x lens).
  • Western blot analysis of extracts of THP-1 cells, using SPN antibody (STJ28495) at 1:1000 dilution.Secondary antibody: HRP Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) at 1:10000 dilution.Lysates/proteins: 25ug per lane.Blocking buffer: 3% nonfat dry milk in TBST.Detection: ECL Basic Kit.Exposure time: 60s.

Anti-SPN antibody (STJ28495)

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Host: Rabbit
Applications: WB, IHC
Reactivity: Human, Mouse
Short Description: Rabbit polyclonal primary antibody against SPN.
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Formulation: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide, 50% glycerol, pH7.3.
Purification: Affinity purification
Storage Instruction: Store at-20°C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Isotype: IgG
Dilution Range: WB: 1:500-1:2000
IHC: 1:50-1:200
Gene ID: 6693
Gene Symbol: SPN
Immunogen: Recombinant fusion protein containing a sequence corresponding to amino acids 276-400 of human SPN (NP_003114.1).
Background The protein encoded by this gene is a major sialoglycoprotein found on the surface of thymocytes, T lymphocytes, monocytes, granulocytes, and some B lymphocytes. It may be part of a physiologic ligand-receptor complex involved in T-cell activation. During T-cell activation, this protein is actively removed from the T-cell-APC (antigen-presenting cell) contact site, suggesting a negative regulatory role in adaptive immune response.
Tissue Specificity Cell surface of thymocytes, T-lymphocytes, neutrophils, plasma cells and myelomas.
Post Translational Modifications Glycosylated.has a high content of sialic acid and O-linked carbohydrate structures. Phosphorylation at Ser-355 is regulated by chemokines, requires its association with ERM proteins (EZR, RDX and MSN) and is essential for its function in the regulation of T-cell trafficking to lymph nodes. Has a high content of sialic acid and O-linked carbohydrate structures. Cleavage by CTSG releases its extracellular domain and triggers its intramembrane proteolysis by gamma-secretase releasing the CD43 cytoplasmic tail chain (CD43-ct) which translocates to the nucleus. CD43 cytoplasmic tail: Sumoylated.
Function Predominant cell surface sialoprotein of leukocytes which regulates multiple T-cell functions, including T-cell activation, proliferation, differentiation, trafficking and migration. Positively regulates T-cell trafficking to lymph-nodes via its association with ERM proteins (EZR, RDX and MSN). Negatively regulates Th2 cell differentiation and predisposes the differentiation of T-cells towards a Th1 lineage commitment. Promotes the expression of IFN-gamma by T-cells during T-cell receptor (TCR) activation of naive cells and induces the expression of IFN-gamma by CD4(+) T-cells and to a lesser extent by CD8(+) T-cells. Plays a role in preparing T-cells for cytokine sensing and differentiation into effector cells by inducing the expression of cytokine receptors IFNGR and IL4R, promoting IFNGR and IL4R signaling and by mediating the clustering of IFNGR with TCR. Acts as a major E-selectin ligand responsible for Th17 cell rolling on activated vasculature and recruitment during inflammation. Mediates Th17 cells, but not Th1 cells, adhesion to E-selectin. Acts as a T-cell counter-receptor for SIGLEC1. CD43 cytoplasmic tail: Protects cells from apoptotic signals, promoting cell survival.
Database Links Reactome: R-HSA-202733
Cellular Localisation Membrane
Single-Pass Type I Membrane Protein
Cell Projection
Localizes To The Uropodium And Microvilli Via Its Interaction With Erm Proteins (Ezr
Rdx And Msn)
Cd43 Cytoplasmic Tail: Nucleus
Pml Body
Protein Name Leukosialin
Leukocyte Sialoglycoprotein
Cd Antigen Cd43 Cleaved Into - Cd43 Cytoplasmic Tail
Alternative Names Anti-Leukosialin antibody
Anti-Gpl115 antibody
Anti-Galactoglycoprotein antibody
Anti-Galgp antibody
Anti-Leukocyte Sialoglycoprotein antibody
Anti-Sialophorin antibody
Anti-Cd Antigen Cd43 Cleaved Into - Cd43 Cytoplasmic Tail antibody
Anti-Cd43-Ct antibody
Anti-Cd43ct antibody
Anti-SPN antibody
Anti-CD43 antibody

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