Anti-PPP2R5B antibody (160-240aa) (STJ191381)


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Host: Rabbit
Applications: WB, ELISA
Reactivity: Human
Short Description: Rabbit polyclonal antibody Anti-Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 2A 56 kDa regulatory subunit beta isoform (160-240aa) is suitable for use in Western Blot and ELISA.
Clonality: Polyclonal
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Isotype: IgG
Formulation: Liquid in PBS containing 50% glycerol, and 0.02% sodium azide.
Purification: 2A5B antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using a epitope-specific immunogen.
Concentration: 1 mg/ml
Dilution Range: WB 1:500-2000
ELISA 1:5000-20000
Storage Instruction: Store at-20°C, and avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
Gene Symbol: PPP2R5B
Gene ID: 5526
Uniprot ID: 2A5B_HUMAN
Immunogen Region: 160-240aa
Specificity: 2A5B polyclonal antibody detects endogenous levels of protein.
Immunogen: Synthesized peptide derived from human 2A5B protein.
Post Translational Modifications Ubiquitinated by E3 CUL3-KLHL15 complex.this modification leads to proteasomal degradation.
Function As the regulatory component of the serine/threonine-protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) holoenzyme, modulates substrate specificity, subcellular localization, and responsiveness to phosphorylation. The phosphorylated form mediates the interaction between PP2A and AKT1, leading to AKT1 dephosphorylation.
Protein Name Serine/Threonine-Protein Phosphatase 2a 56 Kda Regulatory Subunit Beta Isoform
Pp2a B Subunit Isoform B'-Beta
Pp2a B Subunit Isoform B56-Beta
Pp2a B Subunit Isoform Pr61-Beta
Pp2a B Subunit Isoform R5-Beta
Database Links Reactome: R-HSA-141444
Reactome: R-HSA-195253
Reactome: R-HSA-196299
Reactome: R-HSA-2467813
Reactome: R-HSA-2500257
Reactome: R-HSA-381038
Reactome: R-HSA-389513
Reactome: R-HSA-432142
Reactome: R-HSA-4641262
Reactome: R-HSA-5339716
Reactome: R-HSA-5358747
Reactome: R-HSA-5358749
Reactome: R-HSA-5358751
Reactome: R-HSA-5358752
Reactome: R-HSA-5467337
Reactome: R-HSA-5467340
Reactome: R-HSA-5467348
Reactome: R-HSA-5663220
Reactome: R-HSA-5673000
Reactome: R-HSA-5675221
Reactome: R-HSA-6811558
Reactome: R-HSA-68877
Reactome: R-HSA-9648025
Cellular Localisation Cytoplasm
Alternative Antibody Names Anti-Serine/Threonine-Protein Phosphatase 2a 56 Kda Regulatory Subunit Beta Isoform antibody
Anti-Pp2a B Subunit Isoform B'-Beta antibody
Anti-Pp2a B Subunit Isoform B56-Beta antibody
Anti-Pp2a B Subunit Isoform Pr61-Beta antibody
Anti-Pp2a B Subunit Isoform R5-Beta antibody
Anti-PPP2R5B antibody

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